Abby and Doug Trotter
Alabama CBF
Alfred and Normalee Green
Alice and Furman Cliett
Angie and Kevin Heifner
Ann and Bill Gray
Annex L. Nolan
Bank of America Foundation
Betty Bock
Birmingham Emmaus Community
Brenda and David Myers
Bruce and Jean Byre
Candace Kuby and Nick Foster
Carol and Joe Dean
Caroline and Stuart Murray
Carol Causey
Cindy and Charles Fuller
Cheree and Eric Carlton
Christopher Angel
Connie and Monty Hogewood
Crystal (Stevens) and Michael McElrath
Dana and Chip Cosper
David Gooch
Deborah Carlton Loftis
Del and Michael Wilson
Dennis Day
Dolores Cooley
Ellen Dossett and Ann Wade
Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation
Felicia and Christy Stewart
Frances and Joe Jones
Frances and Willie M. Ford, Jr.
Ginger and Allen Jennings
Glenda and Joe Guthrie
Hilda and Ed Wickham
Hope and Keith Walker
Hugh Tobias
Jay Carson
J. Roderick Davis
James Heifner
Jean and Bruce Brye
Jean Thomason
Jennifer Corts
Joann and Fred Heifner
Joann and Jolly Davis
Joseph Jones
Joyce and Bob Byrd
Judy Bridgers
Julie and Mark Burge
Julie Mills
Karen and Lynn Smith
Kari and Michael McCleery

Kathy and John Hollis
Kathy and Robert Thompson
Katie Israel
Kaye and Jimmy Nickell
Kit and Todd Heifner
Kristen and Daniel Evans
Laura Gilmour and Lyndsey Robinson
Leigha and John McLendon
Leslie and Mark Newman
Lia Scholl
Lori and Mark Bateman
Lynda and Bart Grooms
M.P. Hamilton
Marcena and Ron Burton
Marcie Burton and Don Davis
Marla Corts
Marnie Fisher-Ingram and Daniel Ingram
Mary and Fritz Gutwein
Mary and Mart Gray
Mary P. LaMoyne
Mary Ann and Gordon Deen
Mary L. Hines
Michelle and Ande Myers
Michelle and Mark McClintock
Mitzi (Duer) and Marc Savelis
Morgan and Peggy Ponder
Myra and Buddy Weston
Nancy and Brent Walker
Nancy and Larry Chesser
Norma and Charles Hawkins
Paula Heifner
Peggy and Morgan Ponder
Pfizer foundation Matching Gifts Program
Rebecca and Mark Wiggs
Ronald Williams
Roy Haley
Sally and Frank Stone
Sarah and Lloyd Shelton
Sherrie and Dan Lawhon
Shirley and Jack Brymer
Shirley Edmonds
Staci and Johnny Loudermilk
Suzanne and Mike Martin
The Daniel Foundation of Alabama
The Irwin/Adams Family Foundation
Tricia and David Ferguson
Tom Heifner
Trudy Johnson
Tweety and Al Ball
Valerie and Allan Burton
Wes Laird
Zelma and Pat Pattillo